Katibotti on kartoitusväline oppimisympäristöjen suunnitteluun

KatiBot provides schools with the tools for putting the curriculum into practice.

KatiBot’s questions make it easy to consider the new learning culture, its values and operating environment in a concrete way. The questions are posed to a wide interest group: students, parents, teachers and other staff members at the school. The responses provide a good starting point, for example, for architecture and interior design.

>> KatiBot charting device

KatiBot is a virtual charting device built in the form of an animated character. This character asks the user questions and gives them alternatives to choose their answers from. Katibot also aggregates all the answers.

>> The KatiBot mission

KatiBot collects a wide range of information which can be used to make the school the best learning environment it can be. A well-functioning place that is as comfortable as possible for all the user groups.

>> KatiBot’s aim

The information collected by Katibot is an important starting point for the designer team of the new school. It allows the team to take the users’ wishes and the implementation of the pedagogy into account in the architecture and interior design.

>> KatiBot shows the way to change

The questions KatiBot asks in order to chart the learning culture are based on the curriculum and the well-being profile. The questions make it easy to consider the new learning culture, its values and the operating environment in a realistic way.

KB1 kartoitusväline oppimisympäristöjen suunnitteluun

<< Before

KB1 charts the functionality of the school. This is a part of a needs assessment that takes place before the aims and requirements are set for the design of the new school.

KB2 kartoitusväline sisustussuunnitteluun


KB2 charts the visual design of the school. It is followed by the construction and interior design phases.

KB3 kartoitusväline seurantaan

After >>

KB3 is a follow-up carried out after the project has been completed.